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10/19: Virtual Family Science Night
Posted 10/4/21

Virtual Sandia Family Science by Explora

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 6:00-6:30PM 

Join using Google Meet code below. 

Fizzing and Foaming Held via Google Meet

Chemistry is everywhere! We’ll draw with invisible ink, make chemical reactions that fizz and foam, and “toothpaste” for an elephant in this fun chemistry demo.

Below is a list of the materials that the Explora host will use - try to gather as many of these as possible to follow along with the Explora host.

  • paper straw
  • plastic grocery bag
  • disposable plastic water bottle with lid

If you don’t have all the materials, don’t worry, it’s not required. Take it all in so you can try it out at a later time! You’ll still be able to follow along and enjoy the program.