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Physical Education

Class Overview

The goal of Physical Education is to develop the physical, mental, emotional, and social areas of students’ lives so they may reach their fullest potential. Participating in physical activity largely contributes to students’ overall health and well-being! 

In class, we will focus on the development of physical and motor skills as well as learn health and fitness concepts to prepare students to live healthy and physically active lifestyles.

Class Information

What to Wear on PE Days

Yes No
Tennis Shoes Sandals/Crocs
Athletic Shoes Boots/Heels
Shirt & Shorts/Pants Dresses/Skirts

"On the Sideline" Forms        

These forms are used when a student is not wearing proper shoes for PE; a student is sick or injured that day; a student is not following directions or safety rules; or a student chooses not to participate. The student will walk the perimeter of the gym or complete an alternate activity if he/she fills out this form. He/she will take the completed form home to be signed and returned.

If your child brings an “On the Sideline” sheet home for your signature, please read, sign, and send it back to school. This is a way to document and communicate what is going on in PE class. The only reason students would sit out of PE is if they are sick or injured.

"On the Sideline" Worksheet

What We're Learning

Information for Current Students

About Coach Caitlin

I moved from south Louisiana to Albuquerque in 2021. This is my 8th year of teaching and 3rd year at DCES. I have a Master’s degree in Health and Kinesiology: Sport Management. I have also coached volleyball for 10 years. I love to be outdoors and hang with my kids in my free time!